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Mindray Ultrasound

IDD Introduces Mindray’s new line of ultrasound machines, probes, and parts, including the fully digital color, Mindray Z6 portable ultrasound machine and the black and white Mindray DP-50 portable ultrasound machine. These are just two affordable, high-quality examples of Mindray's new line of ultrasound equipment.

Our Products and Services

Leading experts in the ultrasound equipment industry

Ultrasound Machines

As a full-service provider of ultrasound machines, National Ultrasound can offer you the best with your ultrasound purchasing and maintaining experience.

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National Ultrasound carries Mindray's full line of ultrasound probes. If you are...

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Replacement Parts

We carry Mindray's ultrasound parts required to fix known issues, from keyboards and circuit boards to trackballs and monitors.

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Our Advantages

  • Licensed distributor of Mindray ultrasound equipment.
  • Offer Mindray’s superb quality at the lowest possible price.
  • Expert staff of representatives can answer all of your questions and will work with you to determine the perfect Mindray machine to meet your needs.
  • We are committed to provide you with guaranteed high-quality ultrasound products and service at a reasonable cost.

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