Mindray A3 Anesthesia Machine

The Mindray A3 Anesthesia System combines the familiarity of traditional bellows with digital technology to meet the needs of a wide range of patients in hospitals and surgery centers. The intuitive user interface with 15” touchscreen display facilitates changes in ventilation modes and settings. The A3 allows for simple utilization of key ventilation features by utilizing a large, easy-to-read display and intuitive touchscreen control and by eliminating deep menus, trim knobs, and dedicated buttons. Workflow is enhanced with many built-in safety features, ample storage and workspace, accessory mounting options, and HL7 connectivity. The breathing system of the A3 maintains a temperature near 35° C, virtually eliminating internal condensation. The economical single container CO2 absorber reduces compressible volume and accepts non-proprietary prepackaged and loose fill absorbent.

  Additional features include: Volume Control Ventilation (VCV); Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV); Pressure Support (PS) ventilation; Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation with volume control (SIMV-VC); manual/spontaneous breathing mode with respiratory monitoring capability; Auxiliary Oxygen/Air flow meters deliver blended gas, reducing combustible O2 concentration; automatic compliance and fresh gas compensation maintain accurate tidal volumes with a wide range of fresh gas flows and breathing circuits; deck lighting with adjustable brightness; individual wheel brakes on all four casters.

  The Mindray A3 Anesthesia Machine combines advanced performance and simple operation in a cost-effective system. Our friendly experts at National Ultrasound, the North American Distributor for Mindray, are standing by to answer your questions about the A3. Complete the quick quote form below to start a conversation.

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