Mindray’s North American Distributor


Probo Medical provides ultrasound machines, probes and parts, not only in North American, but around the world. We work with trained sonographers covering every state in the U.S. to provide customer training and after sale care on Mindray ultrasounds. We have a network of ISO technicians to provide technical support on the phone and in the field for Mindray ultrasound equipment. We also offer an aggressive trade-in/trade-up program for new Mindray Ultrasound customers.

So Why Wait?

With the introduction of Mindray’s portable and console ultrasound machines, patient monitors and anesthesia equipment Mindray has set a new standard for price and performance. Mindray has just introduced new warranty periods for select ultrasound machines. The M6, MX7 and MX8 now come with a 5 Year Warranty. The DP-30, DP-50, Z60, and Imagyn i9 now include a 3 Year Warranty. Contact us today for special pricing on the Mindray equipment your practice requires.