Mindray DC-6 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

National Ultrasound, the North American Distributor for Mindray, is dedicated to providing ultrasound solutions that meet your daily clinical needs. The Mindray DC-6 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine produces high-sensitivity color Doppler performance and high-resolution 2D images. Various functions such as THI, FTO, iTouch, and iStation make your veterinary ultrasound diagnosis much more reliable. The system’s specific veterinary application modules include reproductive software packages, veterinary transducer series, user-friendly operation interface, and so on. All these outstanding solutions make the DC-6 Veterinary an ideal choice for any veterinary sonographer. Mindray has discontinued production of the DC-6 Vet. IDD recommends the Z6 Vet or M7 Vet as newer alternatives with upgraded imaging technology. Get a quote or get your questions answered and find out more about the Mindray DC-6 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine. Complete the quick quote form below and our National Ultrasound staff will reply with the information you need.