Mindray DC-8 Expert Ultrasound Machine

Mindray America is a focused, innovative, and accessible provider of ultrasound technologies and solutions, including the high-performance Mindray DC-8 Expert Ultrasound Machine. The DC-8 Expert leverages Mindray’s new mQuadro platform which takes ultrasound imaging to new levels with an innovative imaging architecture that incorporates powerful, high-speed digital signal processing and intelligent software algorithms. This empowers outstanding capabilities such as Automatic Recognition Transient (ART) Flow for deep vascular visualization and Echo Boost technology for optimization of images across multiple applications. The DC-8 Expert also features such advanced technologies as iBeam, iScape, iTouch, and more. And it comes with all the user-friendly and ergonomic features you’ve come to expect with Mindray. This shared service machine specializes in vascular, OB/GYN, and cardiology. And the DC-8 Expert brings together a new set of innovative solutions to enhance the experience of conducting ultrasound exams for patients across all ages and body types, including technically difficult patients (TDP).

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