Mindray Z5 Ultrasound Machine

Mindray adopts advanced technologies and transforms them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach. The Mindray Z5 Portable Ultrasound Machine is an entry-level, portable, Color Doppler system and comes equipped with a rare combination of high performance and low cost, providing you with the best of 2D image quality, affordability, and mobility. It’s designed for abdominal, OB/GYN, cardiac, small parts, urology, vascular, orthopedics, emergency medicine, and NERVE imaging applications. It can be used for routine indoor scans or outdoor emergencies. The Z5 is similar to the very popular DP-50, but adds color. With its ease of use and affordable pricing, the Z5 is easy on the budget while maintaining high image quality.

Key features include: 15″ LCD with angle adjustment; less than 19.4 lb (8.8 kg) without cart; lithium-ion battery lasting up to 100 minutes; less than 30 second boot-up time and 5 second wake-up; dual transducer connectors; phase shift harmonics; iBeam™ spatial compounding imaging; iScape™ panoramic imaging; iClear™ speckle reduction; supports up to 8 transducers; iZoom™ full screen zoom function; user-defined functions; iTouch™ one button image optimization; iStation™ patient management software with 320GB hard disk; mobile cart with storage bin.

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