Mindray DP-1100 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

The Mindray DP-1100 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine is based upon advanced imaging processing technologies such as dynamic frequency scan, multi-step dynamic focusing, and dynamic aperture imaging, providing reliable diagnostic images and various clinical methods. The broadband multi-frequency transducers and Mindray’s people-first ergonomic design, such as a 10” non-interlaced display and satellite-style keyboard button layout, make the DP-1100 Vet a more intelligent and friendly assistant to diagnostic examinations. This easy-to-transport machine features broadband multi-frequency transducers, a 7 color-coded display, zooming in real-time and frozen condition, a 206-frame cine loop memory, and 20-frame image storage.

National Ultrasound, the North American Distributor for Mindray, offers the refurbished Mindray DP-1100 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine. Complete the short quick quote form below and let our knowledgeable National Ultrasound experts advise you on whether the DP-1100 Vet is the right option for your clinic.