Mindray DP-6600 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

The Mindray DP-6600 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine has been selling and satisfying veterinarians for many years, delivering the versatility and easy operation that busy vets need to provide high quality care. With a digital beam-former and a second transducer connector, the Mindray DP-6600 Vet includes many advanced features designed to provide an image quality of the highest level. This system utilizes Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI) and a multi-frequency transducer series for an optimum imaging experience. Designed to be lightweight, comfortable to operate, and easy to use, the Mindray DP-6600 Vet delivers the best possible image results no matter where it is being used. The system performs well in any environment—private veterinary practice, emergency animal hospital, or in-field treatment—making it easy to get the cat, dog, bovine, or equine ultrasound that you need to make a more informed diagnosis. It’s perfect for many applications, including abdomen, urology, GYN, OB, pediatrics, cardiology, orthopedics, and small parts.

Mindray America offers refurbished DP-6600 Vet ultrasound machines, as this system has been discontinued and is no longer manufactured by Mindray. Newer, alternative machines include the Mindray DP-30 Vet or the DP-50 Vet.

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